If I Would Win ...?

- make your dreams come true - -

mooojo is FREE Lottery

JackPot $150,000 GUARANTEED
PayPal cash out from $0,10 cent
Win from 2 numbers matching
Bonus tickets for teams
Free app


Free to download – NO in-app sales! Select 6 numbers from 49 and 1 number from 10. Winning numbers are mirrored from National German Lotto. Win cash from 2 of your numbers matching the winning numbers.

iOS – simply use PayPal to transfer money to your account. Android – unfortunately Google Play-Store policy doesn’t allow cash-out. Use the app to play and collect.

2for1 for your TEAM

For every ticket your team enters YOU get a bonus ticket added to YOUR account


the only time you loose
is if you don't play

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