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How do I play the mooojo lottery +

Download and install the FREE mooojo app. On the home screen, within the app, you find a big GO WIN button - click that. After watching the ad you can select your lucky numbers from field displayed. Select 6 numbers from the box of 49 and then one more number from the line of 0 to 9.
Then keep your fingers crossed for the next draw.

How do I win the JackPot +

Obviously you need to have your lucky numbers matching the winning numbers. BUT with a little help from your friends you will get there much faster.

see page: >  https://mooojo.com/how-to-win/

It is all about building an active team that plays for you

How much money will I get +

The JackPot varies with the amount of lottery tickets entered in that draw. It is currently filled with at least $150,000. If there is more than one winner of the JackPot the amount will be split evenly and distributed to all participants that have the matching entries to the winning numbers. Your entries 6 from 49 and one number from 0 to 9 have to be exactly match the winning numbers from the draw.

If you only have 6 from 49 correct and not the one from 0 to9 you will fall into the next winning class – and so on. The amount of money distributed in every class varies from draw to draw.

Where can I see the winning numbers +

The winning numbers are mirrored from the German National Lottery. You will find then on the internet and can also follow the draw there. The draw is at 19:25 CET. Once the draw is finished we will run all your ticket entries for matches. As soon as this is finished you’ll find an overview about your gains and a detailed statement on how every ticked did inside the mooojo app.

Remember – mooojo only references to the winning numbers not to the any amount named within the German National Lotto.

How does Team and 100% Bonus work +

For every ticket that someone from your team submits – you get a Bonus entry to your account – always! So it makes a lot of sense to grow a strong team that has fun and same time plays for you. You can only belong to one team yourself but you can have an infinite number of members in your own team. So go and invite your friends to YOUR team before they are already connected to other teams.

Cut off time for upcoming draw +

In order to verify and process the entries for an upcoming draw the cut off time for entries of tickets is set to some hours ahead of the draw. All entries from you that hit our servers after this cut off time will seamlessly be saved for the thereafter draw.


At what time is the draw of the winning numbers +

The draw of the winning numbers is taking place on every Saturday at 19:25 CET and can be followed via live-stream at http://www.lotto.de/de/ergebnisse/lotto-6aus49/live-ziehung.html

Remember - mooojo only references to the winning numbers not to the any amount named within the German National Lotto.

How do I pay out to my bank account +

Payout starts from $0.10. There are various payment channels to choose from. Simply select the payment icon in your mooojo account. Then select which payment channel you would like to choose. Regulations and restrictions around international payment are severe. For that we have currently limited the payment amount to a maximum of $5.000 per month. We are working to lift this restriction as soon as possible.

Do I have to pay tax on the money that I won +

Please bear in mind that we are not a state lottery where sometimes a special law applies. You will need to find out about taxation in your country yourself. Please take this issue seriously.

I can’t find the activation email +

Please also check your email spam folder. Not every email provider already knows that we only send friendly emails. If not – check your spelling of the email address and click on resend.
You need to activate your account by verifying your email address otherwise your entries will not participate in the draw and all data will be lost

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